Front & back blister cards

A front & back blister card combined with a single or double blister are key ingredients to make a complete blister package. The two separate blister cards are bonded together by heat sealing or cold sealing technology. Front and back blister cards are commonly used in an automated packaging process. The blister cards can be made of recycled (grey back) or white back cardboard in any desired thickness.

Distinctive finishing

Ecobliss can give your front & back blister cards a distinctive finishing to perfectly suit your branding requirements.  The packaging can be printed with your distinct designs in any color, including metallic silver or gold, or with matt, high gloss or soft-feel finishes. We can even apply in registration (with the printed image) a holographic background design, creating unique and spectacular visual effects – often employed for anti-counterfeiting or possibly, simply as a branding element.

Easy opening or theft resistance

Designers have a free choice in blister card and blister size and shape to combine with these blister cards. By combinations of perforation lines into the cards, your package can be made easy to open. Alternately, if theft resistance is the desired quality, Ecobliss can apply a special strengthening layer to make the blister cards tear resistant.

Various functions

Front- and back blister cards offer many design possibilities for adding optional feautures to complete blister packaging, such as free standing, double sided, sliding dispenser, rotating dispenser fuctions.

Ecobliss’ development team is more than happy to make a proposal for a blister package that suits your products and budget.