Front & back blisters

By front and back blisters we mean 2 blisters, typically used to show both sides – the front and the back, of the product, enclosed between a front & back blister card or a fold-over card. This combination of blisters is sometimes chosen to give the package free-standing properties: by bringing the weight of the product to the centre of the package, it stands or hangs straight in the shelf. Also, this approach is sometimes used to avoid very deep single blisters which may be too easily bendable, and thus reduce product protection unless made rather thick. Optically, it is a much prettier solution to divide the view of the product in two.

In the pharmaceutical industry you’ll find blisters used in packaging any product you can imagine. There’s no better way to present your product than to make it 100% visible, while being fully protected by the transparent plastic blister. Blisters can be produced in any style, size or shape. Combined with a printed blister card or blister wallet a blister supports the promotion of your products and gives the customer all the necessary product information.

Why not invite Ecobliss onto your packaging or process design team! We have the experience and know-how to assist you in your design work, or if you desire, to take on the design of the best possible front & back blister solution for you. We know how to package your product well, and how to distinguish your products from the competition.

Blisters are typically made of PET or PVC, but obviously different thermoformable plastics can be used.