Complete pharma and healthcare packaging

Ecobliss, the Smart Source for all your packaging needs, specializes in delivering complete blister and high-visibility packaging, with all the components, all the finishing options and all the functional attributes to satisfy your requirements.

Complete packaging
Let us take an example of the complete packaging you need to meet certain requirements. Say that it must protect the contents from tampering, and that the packaging must be tear resistant and have a metallic finish. Say it needs to be produced in high volumes, preferably in-house, where you will be able to tightly control production scheduling. At Ecobliss, we understand all the component options, all the process possibilities and all the ways to optimise production cost factors to deliver what you need.

Key competence
Development, realisation and implementation of complete packaging products is our key competence. We offer complete blister packaging and complete transparent boxes for a variety of industries such as Automotive, Electronics, Cosmetics, Sports & Leisure and many more. For the pharmaceutical industry we even developed complete pharmaceutical packaging which fulfil very special demands.

Whether we use blister packaging, plastic boxes or diverse combinations of these, regardless of the equipment needed, the intention is always the same: a complete packaging product that meets the highest standards of performance for the lowest cost. We design from scratch so that all components will be in harmony with each other, and any potential logistical challenges pre-solved.