Blister Wallets

In the pharmaceutical & healthcare industry, blister wallets are commonly used for clinical trials, drugs promotion and commercial packaging. Blister wallets are used in combination with blisters that contain tablets or any other pharmaceutical product.

The advantage of using wallets in combination with a blister strip with tablets is that the information, printed on the wallet,  always stays with the drugs itself unlike the case of folding boxes where the information about the drug is often lost after separating the blister strip from the box.  Blister wallets make it easy to apply various options such as child-resistance, electronics, additional booklets etc.

Cold seal blister wallets

Cold seal blister wallets have the benefit of an extremely simple and reliable sealing process. Only one parameter is required to get a perfect sealed package and that is pressure. Cold seal blister wallets are used globally by many customers such as Sanofi Aventis, Cipla, Ranbaxy, Dr. Reddies lab, Glenmark etc.

Heat seal blister wallets

Ecobliss also provides (conventional) heat seal blister wallets. Heat seal blister wallets require pressure and time and heat for sealing.