Electronic medication wallets are standard wallets enhanced with NFC electronic circuitries for measuring therapy compliance and storing this data for transfer to a database. Removing medication from the blister breaks one of the conductive tracks, of the intelligent circuitry, which is a part of the wallet. This technology allows the system to record data about the medication removal event, including time and date the blister circuitry was broken, from which particular position onto the blister the medication was taken, and other clinically relevant information.

The electronic circuitry printed in the blister wallet contains NFC technology which enables retrieval of the stored data using a NFC / RFID reader (interrogator), like an NFC scanner or a standard NFC (Near Field Communication) mobile telephone.

Smart medication wallets have the following advantages:

  • Compliance data are recorded in real- time (close to the intake).
  • The solution is cost-effective.
  • The system is easy to use by the patient.
  • The solution is reliable.
  • The system helps to educate patients to take medication at the right time.